Thursday, February 28, 2013

{H} Family~ Fall 2012

How cute is the {H} family!  We went out on a lovely Fall afternoon and had a blast!  Love all the personality this family has!  Especially these darling kids!! 

{G} Family~ Fall 2012

The {G} family was fun to capture!  Two Bull Mastiffs???? But we did it!!!  Amazing family who are going through the struggles of a lifetime!  Even that being said, they are still Capital Eagle fans through and through!  

{C} Family~ Fall 2012

The {C} family was amazing to shoot.  They have no shortage of personality and spunk!  We caught the early Autumn light and soaked up every minute we had that evening.  I enjoy shooting in natural light the most!  You have to use what God gives you!  And it changes quickly!